It's London in the 1850's, new feats of engineering are taking place, and as the city evolves, the Riverman's world is becoming smaller. He is limited to how long he can survive before he is swallowed up by the city. In a place where fact is becoming more important than fiction, where the individual has become part of the machine. In the ever expanding city of London there is still a fleeting moment where a man can become a myth. Is he the embodiment of the river, a token symbol of the slowly choking Thames, or just another soul crushed individual left by the wayside?

The Riverman is a series of eight letter pressed pages of poetry by Greg Nay and nine etchings by the artist Lisa Kane. The pages are contained within a beautiful hand made portfolio. The traditional letterpress work was completed by New North Press who took the text and dug high and low for some outstanding fonts to suit the feel of the project. Not only did they do that but the aforementioned portfolios were constructed by them.  Limited to 25 copies you can pick them up on the shop page of this website.